Physiology & Anatomy
• Health Language
•Prefix, Suffix, Abbreviations
• All human constructs

CM Coding ICD-10 CM
•Introduction of coding in medicine
•Structure & covenants
•Guidelines for General Coding
•Clear recommendations for chapter

CPT-4: Procedure Coding
• Evaluation and  Management Coding
• Anesthesia Coding
• Surgery Coding
• Radiology Coding
• Pathology Coding
• Medicine Coding
• Modifiers & Place of Service

Coding by HCPCS
• Coding of medications
• Coding of supplies
• Coding of appliances
• Other Coding resources

Health Facturation
• Control of sales period
• HIPAA School
•Hospital Insurance

Education for Soft-Skills
•Training typing
• English-Communicative
• Interview-training skills
• Employability-Training Skills

Practique of CPC
•CPC Last Years Workout issues
• 15 sets of CPC Mock Exams (150 to 15)

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