The OSPF DR & DBR Election

The purpose and role of the OSPF protocol should be understood as a CCNA / CCNP nominee. In order to identify the intent of the DR and BDR in combination with the elections process, the CCNA/CCNP examination would ask you. Designated router and backup elections […]

Importance of Medical Coding for Insurance

With fitness and health problems nowadays worldwide a big problem, it has become increasingly critical that more coders participate in the insurance medical sector. However, what does medical coding mean? A medical coder, clinical coder or coder is a healthcare professor who analyzes clinical records […]

Networking In The New Normal

The virtual networking scene is taking off in a mighty way. Due to the pandemic and our need to social distance, the networking climate has literally changed overnight. Our normal habits such as traveling, congregating at large events have been obsolete for several months. Savvy […]

Cyber Attacks – The New Normal

It is time to make cybersecurity more relevant While the latest newspaper headlines for high-profile cyber attacks on governments or major banks and corporations, small and medium-sized firms are becoming tempting cyber crime targets as well. Online assaults on company continue to rise in volume […]