Best Inplant Training in Trichy

Students usually inplant training during their second year or third year vacation… An in-plant training (IPT) is a short duration training course provided in any company to help you get “industry” knowledge and know-how. Its usefulness varies depending on which branch you are, and which […]

Networking Investments

You are prepared to invest in your networking? Do you regard it as your profession, industry and/or academic career as a journey of growth and as long term asset? Networking is often used to achieve a short-term objective and the benefits of really expanding your […]

Beach to Battleship Race Recap: Logistics

The Ironman distance run Beach to Battleship has been a spectacular race with beautiful scenery, outstanding volunteers, great hospitality and a lot of support. overall. Logistics is one of the most important obstacles for these races, since this is a point-to-point competition and not a […]

Logistics Cost Reduction – Best Practices

Logistics costs are a key part of an organization’s total cost structure. Focus should be placed on renegotiating transport and freight prices, reducing the total costs of freight and simplifying operations. Six best practices should be practiced in order to minimize costs by most companies. […]