The Ironman distance run Beach to Battleship has been a spectacular race with beautiful scenery, outstanding volunteers, great hospitality and a lot of support. overall. Logistics is one of the most important obstacles for these races, since this is a point-to-point competition and not a race where you come back from every discipline of the race. Moreover, only by bus from the swim/bike change was the swimming start achieved.

The ultimate arrangement was that on Friday before Saturday, you had to turn in your Run Transfer bag into the transition area. You should pack your swim into your motorcycle transfer bag and packs for your bike with special needs and race on Saturday morning. I was a nervous mess, so I usually check my transition zone on race morning for two checks and three times to ensure that everything is in order. In this race, the morning of the race I couldn’t even touch my running change pack. Which creates a particular problem by properly packaging the bags so that you don’t have your cycling shoes on your running shoes.

That’s how I specifically packed my bags:

On Friday, with my special needs purse, I handed in my running change bag. I had my runny sneakers, running food and a blended water bottle with Accelerade in my running transition kit. With my race number, I had forgotten to place my belt in a transfer bag and had to rush to the convention center at the last minute before it closed the night. I have turned special bags with some things in my running and biking. Also, my transition pack for swimming/biking.

Included: Bike Special Needs bag:

  • A spare bicycle tire
  • Spare Gels
  • Spare Endurolyte Pills
  • A Water Bottle Mixed with Accelerade
  • Fresh Socks (Never used these)

Run Special Needs Bag Included:

  • Extra Gels
  • Extra Endurolyte PIlls
  • A Water Bottle Mixed with Accelerade
  • Fresh Socks (Never used these)

Swim/Bike Transition Bag:

  • Race Socks (stayed in these all day)
  • Bike Nutrition Gels
  • Bike Nutrition Endurolytes
  • Heart rate Monitor
  • Sunglasses
  • Arm Warmers
  • Bike Gloves

I was taking a taxi in my racing clothes on race morning and was wearing my suitcase, cycling shoes and cask. Later in the day, I left all my other belongings in my hotel room to pick up my mom. I even took my first gel and my first round of Endurolyte tablets, my swimming goggles. Finally, at my race site I had my previous bagel to enjoy. I got there and it was chilly at the race field. I wanted to keep some warm, I had a sweatshirt or an item. Earlier than I had expected to keep warm I went forward and put my wetsuit. I ensured I had my cycling shoes to stout on my bike leg along my helmet.

I didn’t have a bag to pack, or turn in after turning in all my bags on Friday. In place of turning to swimming/biking, or special requirements on Saturday morning which is a possibility, I will do this again this way. The only thing I’d change is to have some of my things in my bag for bike transfer to get me to the transfer place.

Logistics has generally been the nerve wreck, but I hope the logistics challenge will be a lot easier next year. When I left home in Evernote, I had to take a note of the overall packaging list, and then I made the list for each of the four bags I used. It seems to be helpful for me to keep things coordinated (Swim/Bicycle Transition, Bike/Run Transition, Special Needs, Run Special Needs).

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