Certification – Marking The Exemplary From The Ordinary!

With the ‘recession’ being the watch-word these days, the upcoming IT professionals are finding it highly difficult to place them in the industry. Just like the saying ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’ the MNC’s have come up with a solution to help out the beginners and the late bloomers the resultant being the introduction of the certification courses.

The certification courses not only provide validation but also authentication along with it. It is like a direct pass into the IT industry.

So what are these certification courses? It is nothing but the mark of refinement that the particular person is more equipped and is capable than the rest of the lot. They are trained in a particular area and are put in an interrogatory situation where in they are tested under various circumstances and when the mark of adequacy is reached the person is held in esteem. The certification courses inculcate professionalism in an ordinary person as it provides an upper hand.

The MNC’s that offer the certification courses are the Microsoft and Crisco. With perfection being the main aim aggressiveness foisted upon competition. The core area of the certification course is the networking and it is being followed up by internet work and system administration and technology specialization. The certification for ‘Networking’ in different aspects is provided by Cisco. The facets being CCNA, CCNP, CCIE which is noting but the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) this marks the basic stage in the ocean of networking. As the certification says the person makes up a logical connection with the networking industry. The CCNA has made its mark in the networking industry.

Following it is the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) which is the highest degree provided for the networking professional involving all of the network concepts including the ones like handling routers and satellites which is now an important facet in the banking industry these days especially in areas like Core banking services (CBS) thus playing an important role in all the industries. The other certification provided by CISCO is the Cisco Certified Internet work Expert (CCIE).

The MICROSOFT being the most reputed MNC is the IT galaxy provides certification courses to create a ripple among the ordinary people who achieve the degree of uniqueness after attaining the certification. The Microsoft trademark is the most sought after in the four corners of the world.

The certifications’ provided are MCSE, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA, MCP.

A system engineer is the one who has mastered the art of handling the equipment. A higher grade is obtained by the system engineer when the certification Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is obtained. Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional (MCITP) is a division of the IT field which throws light upon the important perceptions. The certification provided for a PRO to become in system administration is Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) is provided for the technology specialist like separating the executives and the amateur. The other course provided is the

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

Thus the certification courses provide a direct solution for the beginners.With recession in the air and the cats and rats following up the same track the certification course are marker for distinguishing them.

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