Why Medical Coding?

With the partnership of advanced technology and medicine, medical coding has gained popularity. Over the past few years, medical coding work opportunities have
become widespread. The training curriculum for medical coding classes is planned
according to the  American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) standards and materials.

What KERALA STEDS is aiming at is a stable and secure career in 4 months.
continuing education regarding medical coding, soft skills and language sessions are given utmost significance. Expert AAPC-certified practitioners are the faculty and the team trains applicants for proficient working skills. Our training is strictly CPC
testing and industry-oriented, which gives you 100% CPC pass confidence.

With one-on-one guidance and concentrated preparation, KERALA STEDS ensures that you get the best skills. There are high work openings and wages in medical
coding, which in turn generates exponential returns for course fees.
KERALA STEDS offers career prospects and lifetime placement services.

Medical Coding

Medical Coding is the method of translating healthcare procedures/diagnosis
into widely approved 7-digit alphanumeric codes for medical equipment/services.
Diagnoses and procedures are components of the Electronic Health Record ( EHR), which contains transcripts of notes of doctors, voice files of doctors, test findings, findings of radiology, clinical statements.

After the transition from ICD 9CM to ICD 10CM in 2015, the medical coding industry began well after the transition from ICD 9CM to ICD 10CM in  2015 and there was a steep rise in all verticals in the healthcare services management industry, increasing 10-12 million work opportunities for medical coders.

With the partnership of advanced technology and medicine, medical coding has gained popularity. Over the past few years, medical coding work opportunities have
become widespread. The training curriculum for medical coding classes is planned
according to the  American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) standards and materials.

The future is rising day by day for medical coders and has become a fast-growing industry. This way of converting health records into alphanumeric codes
makes it easier for clinicians around the world to grasp the patient’s dominant
medical problems no matter where the patient goes. As the health care industry is becoming increasingly popular and established, the medical scribe’s career will last forever; scribes will still be on-demand.


Medical Coding Career

For the health care industry and the person, medical coding as a profession has
numerous advantages. The benefits of selecting medical coding as your occupation

  • Medical coding is a work that is high in demand today and in the days ahead. The Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that, from 2014 to 2024, the demand for medical coding professionals is projected to increase
    by 15%
  • For flexible hours, medical coders can work. With this profession, the expert can build a healthy work-life balance. The coder will select the hours of work and take shifts accordingly.


Payment of a Medical Coder

The secret to ethical remuneration is efficiency in medical coding, which makes medical coders an integral part of fiscal administration for every health care organisation
that helps to provide its patients with outstanding facilities and treatment. A medical coder’s earning depends on the company/firm’s climate and place.
In India, on average, between 15,000 and 22,000 are received by a fresher job as a media coder. Some vendors offer more than 27,000 to beginners who finish  CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certification.​

The career path of a Medical Coder
The applicant starts his career as a junior medical coder after the completion of
medical coding training. After he is appointed a junior medical coder,
the applicant gains experience along with other job oriented abilities and becomes a senior medical coder. In this job ad, Quality Analyst, Team Leader, Deputy Manager, Manager and Senior Manager, the senior medical coder with experience and visibility will go further. As a contractor or a prop, a
talented and skilled medical coder may run a company.

Scope of Medical Coding Career
Medical coding is said to be among the industry’s fastest-growing.
Medical coding is important as it helps to keep track of the personal health records of a patient and the care obtained at the latest as there are different types of conditions of illness and medications to keep track of. The need for medical coders is increasing day by day, and he/she needs the ability to understand the anatomy, physiology, and service specifics, and the payers’ rules and regulations to succeed, as new businesses are developed and the process of transmitting information related to patients’ medical history and the current care given is an ongoing process of gathering and documenting information. A medical coder may work for an organisation or free depending on the individual’s choice or on the skills needed by the provider to record the amount of patient data for further reimbursement of their claim.

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