With cluster and cloud computing dominating high-performance computing scenes, more individuals are turning to the new trend innovations to get educated and stay up to date. One hot slice of cake that has been used commonly is Hadoop. There is a huge need for Hadoop Administrators due to this. There are several vendors that provide preparation for Hadoop administration.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a framework for open source applications for processing vast volumes of data. It was developed and operated by the Apache software foundation with several other contributing external developers.

So, primarily, in computers ranging from one single server to a network of individual servers, it can hold huge or big data. On each and every device that belongs to the cluster, data processing software is installed and used to perform data processing tasks.

Hadoop runs in such a manner that each of the processors in a cluster can do data analysis on the data separately and independently. Other machines in the cluster may be accounted for in the event of any hardware or network malfunction in the cluster.

This autonomous design of the cluster’s processors makes it relatively straightforward to scale the cluster up or down. In comparison, the processors on the cluster aid in delivering professional performance instead of relying on hardware to deliver the highest performance.

What is Hadoop Administration?

We need a boss if things work in a group. The boss is called the administrator, in programming words. This supervisor or administrator is responsible for managing the cluster machines. It is similar to Hadoop administrators and Hadoop clusters whether a database administrator or a DBA is in a database.

The administrator is responsible for the efficiency of the cluster’s computers and their availability. In addition to this, the data present in the system and the workers in it are also the responsibility of the administrator. He/she is supposed to take on duties such as setup, tracking, backup, trouble shooting, upgrades, implementation, work management, etc.

Training in Hadoop Administration is both provided in classrooms and online.


Prior knowledge of Hadoop would be good though it is not mandatory with most training institutes. You are required to have prior knowledge on administration of Linux servers.

Skill set Acquired from training

The skills learned was broken into three groups, base, and advanced and execution. You can discover the fundamentals of Apache Hadoop and HDFS, which is Hadoop’s file system, while learning abilities under base. You’d also learn why Hadoop is required. You will learn MapReduce and other technology from which Hadoop developed, along with this.

You can learn how to schedule cluster size, instal and setup a cluster, learn a few control elements and resources, service and log management, audits and alarms, backup when it comes to the deployment section.

You will discuss the fundamentals of troubleshooting, diagnostics and recovery for advanced study, protecting the platform and improving the efficiency of the Hadoop cluster.

You could take up a credential programme provided by major brands and get a certified certificate to your name following the conclusion of the course.

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