With more and more Indian businesses depending on the Internet, they face competitiveness losses due to many security threats.

In a recent report by Gartner, the understanding of the value of IT protection has increased substantially in this market, but the high price of these solutions prevents them from investing in this sector.

Experts think the issue lies with high-end technologies, which are still out of touch with the companies, while some SMEs have already implemented simple security solutions including antivirus and firewall.

“As the nature of attacks have become very complex, vendors should reduce the cost of high-end security solutions such as identity and access management (IAM) and unified threat management (UTM) to address the mid-market segment,” says Madhav Panth, Director of Evergreen Infotech, a Gurgaon-based small IT service provider working on Web Designing and integration.

With attacks inherent, providers should cut the costs of high-end security solutions, such as IAM and UTM, to target the Mid-Market segment,” says Madhav Panth, Director of Evergreen Infotech, a small Gurgaon IT provider involved in Web Design and integration.

“Small and medium-sized enterprises work on a strict budget and are constantly looking for economical alternatives. This is particularly true in the present scenario of the economy, where small companies have reduced their IT budget dramatically,” says Mr Panth.
Accessibility is key

A variety of security providers have started introducing on the market cheap and tailored internet security products that meet the pricing-sensitive SME segment’s needs.

The highly cost-effective Websense Express was unveiled by Websense, an IT security company developed for data protection for medium-sized firms. “The solution identifies and avoids network access to unauthorized web sites, protocols, applications, and HTTP traffic,” notes Websense Sales Manager Manish Bansal.

Trend Micro’s Internet Security Pro 2009 Internet Security provider also tackles high-end malware threats. It provides customized safety alerts and comes with the remote file locking tool to secure vulnerable files when a laptop robber is involved. Other suppliers such as Fortinet and Fast Heal have also started dealing with the industry with inexpensive high-end safety solutions.

After reducing the prices of these solutions, Mr Bansal sees the business potential of high-end Internet security solutions amongst Indian SMEs.

Experts feel the need to bring more inexpensive, functional security solutions for small businesses in India is critical for IT security vendors. This allows them to secure their sensitive information even more easily against unwanted entry.

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