We exist in a technologically advanced age. New and innovative technology products are integrated in every manufacturing field. IT (Information Technology) has developed into the cornerstone of modern society. There is no question that today’s trending IT training courses and qualifications are important for students and professionals with high ambitions. If you study in one of the top 10 global IT training courses, you will be rewarded with high pay packages, major brands, a fruitful career, and a plethora of work openings.

1. SAP

SAP computing is both the current and the future of technology. There are several applications and languages on the market that need SAP assistance in order to be enhanced. SAP-FI (Financial), SAP-CO (Controlling), SAP-SD (Sales & Distributions), SAP-MM (Material Management), SAP-HR (Human Resources), SAP HANA, SAP-SCM (Supply Chain Management), and other SAP training and qualification courses are available. Many of the SAP training courses listed above have a rewarding career with high pay packages.

2. PHP

Without the assistance of the web-world or blogs, today’s industrialization will be incomplete. PHP is an open source scripting language that has been developed and implemented into a variety of HTML processes. A profession in PHP means that learners have a comprehensive knowledge of the scripting language and its complexities. The better part of PHP preparation and qualification guarantees simple job placement in small, medium, and large companies, as well as online megastores.

3. Big Data Hadoop

It is an open source Java-based programming framework that stores and supports the operation, processing and storage of big data base/sets in a distributed computing environment. Big data Hadoop is used where companies have largest data cluster for the users. Big Data Hadoop includes a source for reporting and machine learning, to store and process small data, logs and data compression, track and manages server activity, metrics, and storage, data analysis, and search, optimize and research. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, AOL, Adobe, Accenture, Datagraph, Google, Hotels and Accommodation, Web Alliance, and so are the major known companies dependent completely on Hadoop. Therefore, having a Big Data Hadoop training and certification will lead you to the highest peak in the career track.

4. Ethical Hacking

The best way to check your internet security system is to hack it. If you can’t break your own door lock, then nobody else can! Hacking, there is only one side of the coin known to most of us! However, ethical hacking is the upcoming, valuable and job oriented solution that IT companies and other industrial sectors are adapting today. Ethical hacking training and certification is designed to implement robust security system in a domain or across domains. The course includes protecting digital assets from being hacked by the hackers.

5. Oracle

A career as a DBA is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to you in terms of your personal ambitions. Numerous businesses have used Oracle in their domains over the last two decades. DBAs are in high demand in Indian companies as well as companies around the globe. If you wish to progress your career in Oracle, you can participate in the most current Oracle training course and qualification, which are clearly tailored to follow industry requirements.

6. Cloud computing

Remote servers, software, files, and other media are accessed using Internet-based technologies from any location and computer. This method of computation allows unified data collection, authenticated entry, dedicated storage, and centralized information processing in encrypted form. The word “cloud” refers to internet that can be accessed from any location. For saving a file or even uploading large volumes of data, no hard drive or storage media is needed. All is saved on remote servers; all you need is a password and an internet-capable computer to access the cloud. Today is the perfect time to engage in cloud computing training and certification!

7. Robotics

Robotics is one of the world’s most unique and sophisticated innovations. In vehicles, aviation, machineries, and the aeronautical industry, this technology has its own collection of specifications. You must participate in a recognised Robotics preparation and credential institute to be the right applicant for robotics. Robotics with the 8051, Robotics with ARM, Robotics with AVR, Robotics Matlab, and Robotics with Pic are all built on this platform.

8. SharePoint

SharePoint is a Microsoft product that is used for document processing in the cloud. Enroll in a SharePoint training and qualification course that includes Windows SharePoint 2012, Installing positions with Service Manager, Administering with PowerShell, Deploying Server Center, Handling Local and Remote Servers, Protecting Windows Server 2012 R2, and Improving Server Performance to obtain a comprehensive understanding based on realistic knowledge.

9. Networking Course

To share and receive all forIt has been a decade that open source platform Linux is dominating the IT industry. Linux servers and desktop operating system is available at cheap prices or pre-loaded offers. Getting a quick Linux training and certification ensure that you will secure a job placement in any company including MNCms of data, technology includes networking. Connecting two servers, networking machines, or even one or more domains across continents necessitates the use of highly qualified networking specialists. Networking practitioners are responsible for handling, administering, and protecting data and voice delivery over WAN networks. As a result, obtaining networking experience and qualifications helps you to quickly gain job placement in both IT and non-IT businesses.

10. Linux RedHat

It has been a decade that open source platform Linux is dominating the IT industry. Linux servers and desktop operating system is available at cheap prices or pre-loaded offers. Getting a quick Linux training and certification ensure that you will secure a job placement in any company including MNC.

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