Health billing and coding is one of the most in-demand medical occupations, with plenty of career openings and space for advancement. Promotion will come with a wage raise and more perks. Since the value is well appreciated in this promotion, it really serves to free up a lot of fresh and outstanding prospects.

How, on the other hand, will anyone be in a position to win the promotion? What are the key requirements for advancement to the next level? What are the requirements for a promotion? Here are a few key pointers for those hoping to advance in their medical or coding career in the near future.

a. Enroll in a medical coding and billing training program, preferably at a prestigious university with a global reputation in the area of medical billing and coding. To provide a successful future for yourself, aim for at least one associate degree in this area.

b. To improve your medical billing expertise, get a specialist diploma in medical coding and billing. Do not be satisfied with an associate’s degree; alternatively, strive to outperform yourself wherever possible, as there might be hundreds of medical coding and billing graduates looking for similar medical positions at the same time. And if you are currently employed as a medical biller and want to improve your skills as a medical biller or coder, enrolling in this technical course would undoubtedly allow you to improve your proficiency in all aspects of the medical billing and coding process.

c. Acquire the required computer skills to improve your computer proficiency, as one of the pre-requisites of this career is getting strong computer skills, especially in MS Office. Knowing how to use a machine will boost the chances of getting the promotion you’ve been hoping for.

d. Gain great experience by trying your hands in all elements in medical coding and billing field by exposing yourself to any of possible opportunities in learning new stuffs even if they are not what you are responsible for officially in your current work place. In some case, you may proactively volunteer yourself to replace your colleagues if need to be away from the office for a short duration and is looking for someone to replace them for the mentioned period.

e. Register yourself in the RHIT examination (Registered Health information Technician), employers are more likely to hire and promote someone which had passed this exam.

f. Still keep up to date with the latest career news by reading updates and news from weekly career publications, and be aware of the company’s news and rivals at the same time. Maintain a strong level of understanding of the company’s new directions, tactics, or business prospects, and constantly be on the lookout for ways to boost the company’s branding, credibility, and products in the marketplace.

g. Other than equipping yourself with the knowledge and skill-sets in medical coding and billing, you should also review some of those areas, such as: how to improve your leadership skills, how to improve one’s communication skills, how to be of career competency, how to handle internal conflicts among team members conflicts and a lot more. This is to make sure you are always be prepared if there are any good promotion opportunities for any team leadership role.

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