Now that we are well aware of the advantages and benefits of medical coding, I think that because of the fantastic prospect that this work might offer them in the future, many of you out there have the urgent urge to get your hands around this area. However, it will surely be worth-while for us to study and consider what is on the other side of medical coding before any harsh judgement is reached on your end? In nearly all, there are still pro and counter, so it is beneficial for us to study and appreciate all aspects of medical coding for good.

Below are some of the key common disadvantages which have been shared for medical coding;

1. It’s hard to get into this medical profession. This is extremely valid if you’re a recent graduate looking for your first position with a diploma or degree in medical coding. Many companies choose seasoned medical coders so they will spare the new recruit any substantial training expenses and time needed to have hands-on training. Thus, it is really a struggle to achieve market value and competition for new recruits with little or no expertise in this medical field.

2.When you navigate a way into the world of coding, it is up to the necessary workers to make it to the top or remain as they were at the beginning. It is the diligence and effort of the person himself that will bring him to excel as, or otherwise, a great medical coder. One thing about medical coding, however, is that during the course of being a trained medical coder, someone who wants to be a medical coder would need to be careful, hard-working and self-disciplined.There is no short cut in finding your way into the relevant coding area but to go through the correct schooling and training process that takes at least 2-3 years to achieve the coveted credential to lead to a good professional medical coder becoming your career path.

3. Relocation is one of the choices for advancing as a medical coder throughout your profession. Relocation, though, can be an advantage for some citizens, although it can be a drawback for others at the same time. Not everybody is able to relocate to a brand new city or town with unknown faces and locations to progress their career. For medical coders who live together with their families, migration may therefore be a drawback.

4.Both students in this coding area have to deal with a lot of coding and abbreviations, as the name of the discipline says us all. If you are not good at memorising words or names, it can be pretty torturing and it can turn out to be a horrific nightmare for someone who needs to give up his/her medical coding education due to the complications of understanding and digesting the coding needed to succeed in the field of medical coding.

5.It is quite common for medical coders to operate in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices or even insurance agencies for long hours. For the bulk of medical coders nowadays, there is a significant lack of work-life harmony.

6.Medical coding is often a difficult task and these medical coders tend to enforce the quality of their jobs because any errors made will lead to no payments or long waiting insurance company lawsuits.

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