CCNP Certification is the advanced level certificate of Cisco that stands for Cisco Professional Accredited Network. For networking professionals who plan to embark on a lucrative career in IT networking, it is the most sought after qualification. CCNAs who wish to advance their skills and prove their mettle in sophisticated networking principles typically pursue this credential. Earning this credential will validate the experience of a specialist in business climate planning, executing, handling and troubleshooting LANs and WANs. It also offers expertise to work to handle wireless, speech, video and surveillance technologies in conjunction with other practitioners.

Who should be approved by the CCNP?

For all professionals with 1 year of work experience in the operation of business networks, CCNP certification is now able to take the next step and progress towards more challenging networking activities. To broaden their reach and career profile, CCNA accredited practitioners also move on to CCNP.

After CCNP Course, Career Route

By taking up this networking credential, job positions such as network engineers, network technicians, device engineers, and support engineers will expand their horizons. The CCNP Routing & Switching v2 course offers the required framework for handling the future of not only physical networks, but also virtualized networking.

Career benefits in this course

In addition to developing information and technological skills, CCNP Routing and Swapping qualification scales up the employability of a person by applying to the profile a reliable certification. Organizations take care of Cisco certifications and, thus, recruit experts on their behalf with such reputable names. A CCNP has an average annual wage of approx. 117.000 dollars.

Learning Goals for CCNP Preparation

Registration for the CCNP Qualification course would include subjects that include:

• CISCO IP Forwarding implementation

• Cisco IP Switched Networks deployment

. Troubleshooting and managing IP networks for Cisco

Gaining expertise in all these areas and passing three exams related to each one of these topics will qualify you for CCNP certification.

Why CCNP Education

In order to achieve accredited certification, CCNP preparation encompasses three tests that must be cleared.

Exam: ROUTE 300-101

Education Module: Cisco IP Routing implementation (ROUTE)

Examinations: 300-115 Turn

Education Module: Cisco IP Switched Networks deployment (SWITCH)

Exam: 300-135 TSHOOT TSHOOTT

Training Module: Troubleshooting Cisco IP Networks and Maintenance (TSHOOT)

Training by CCNP from an accredited training centre means that what is gained can never be lost. With remote laboratories and comprehensive practical sessions in real time, separate training centres provide packages that include tests, training materials and laboratories, as well as.

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