Why SharePoint Training?

SharePoint Training is an essential part of learning this Microsoft solution. However, many do not feel the need of learning it through an authorized SharePoint course, and then go ahead and fail the SharePoint Certification exam. Therefore, the right way forward is to gain at least some formal training in this direction, before attempting the examination. Here are the reasons why:

1. SharePoint is not file sharing network drive like DropBox. While DropBox is meant for simple file sharing and synchronization among different devices, SharePoint is an entirely independent ecosystem of different components that enhances collaboration among a large no. of users by fulfilling complex business requirements for large corporations. It is a complex mesh that can exist on its own, while also interacting with other business applications.

2. The interface of SharePoint is not anything like we’ve seen before. It is a different technology that completely changes the fundamentals of content sharing and business user collaboration. Therefore, it requires a little learning curve to climb and hence requires SharePoint Training.

3. There are many ways to do one thing in SharePoint. In order to make the most of all the new features of SharePoint 2013, users need understanding of navigation, and various buttons and ribbons on the panel. SharePoint Course also teaches about consequences of enabling an option in the panel. Also to take into account is the organization’s security and integrity – and understanding who gets to do/see what.

4. SharePoint allows users to do so much more than just copy paste a document. You can upload/download a document, you can check it out, edit, or revert to its previous version, send it for approval, and share the document to internal as well as external users.

5. Whenever a new technology is embraced by an organization, people resist. They have become habitual of doing what they used to, in the same manner, that anything other than ordinary seems like a lot of work to them. That’s the reason SharePoint training is so important. It can reinforce why change is necessary and how SharePoint can help them in their work environment.

A SharePoint Certification from a reputed organization that is also accredited by Microsoft, clears all doubts of users and helps them embrace change in a more positive manner. Other than training the end users, these organization provides training courses for SharePoint Administrators and SharePoint Developers to help them manage enterprise deployments in their respective zones.

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